For Sellers

We understand that in a competitive place every business has different and growing needs and connecting with buyers easily helps the business grow faster.

Subscribe with us and get details of all buyers and start connecting. You will always have the access to their contact details and company details. Choose the correct buyer and start your business matchmaking.

We give a platform where you upload pictures of your products, videos; presentations that will help you connect with the right buyer faster.

With our premium subscription, you not only get details of all the buyers you want to connect with but also get other tools to promote your business online. With our creative developers, content writers, SEO experts, you can easily connect your business to new age social media exposure and take it to a global level.

We have customised packages for different business sizes and demands.

Get access to all services on SEISIT that will surely make business easy for you.

For buyers

Get access to all the sellers at a single click and start taking quotation. Choose the best-suited seller for you by checking out their company details, years of experience, turnovers, major projects and on their personal pages you can find all related photos, videos and presentations which will help you get complete details.

We will keep on adding new features for buyers and sellers to make it the most chosen platform for all your business needs.